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Installing drywall can be a tedious process for homeowners without a ton of experience. It's easy to make mistakes during the finishing process and be forced to start over again. Save time and money by hiring experts from Lewis Drywall & Plaster for your drywall finishing job in Middleborough, Duxbury, & Carver, MA. We can complete level 3, 4 or 5 drywall finishing.

If you already have drywall in your home, our drywall finishing service is perfect to ensure new sections are matching. We also use drywall finishing to repair drywall damage. We know how to install both plaster and drywall, so we're happy to help on jobs that require both materials.

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Choose from a variety of finish surfaces

Choose from a variety of finish surfaces

Since drywall work isn't cheap, make sure that when you choose a textured drywall finish, it's everything you've ever wanted. If you live in Middleborough & Carver, MA, partner with us to choose from wall texture options like:

  • Knockdown
  • Orange peel
  • Spray sand
  • Spanish lace
  • Rosebud

We can also use plaster to finish walls. Contact us today to ask which textured drywall finish is best for your home and budget.